piątek, 28 marca 2014

I thought this woud be something that could finally detach me from the life I used to live not so long time ago.
I suffered from a peculiar kind of being lost and confused until I understood that mystery was my natural enviroment and nowhere I could feel as comfortable as in my own madness. I cannot tell when and where I lost myself but probably falling into deep darkness, interchangeably with falling into dazzling light was one of the first processes that my infant and unconscious mind decided to take up. My imagination used a very unreal version of you to peace me and get me round to the fact that eventually I'll be alright and so I am. Having you there for years and losing you in seconds were similarily wonderful even though there's more anger than gratitude.
In fact, I'm probably in the happiest state I could be right now, overcoming things that made my sleep weak.

In the new frame of mind I don't need any single reason to let you go, just as I don't need any reason to flatter anyone.
And girls, neither jelaousy nor alcohol they can handle while breaking glass bottles and breaking themselves. Drunk - with possession or love - I don't know, and these guys, all they could breed was anger and all they could plant was loathing. I went through it several times and that is the place to which I won't ever come back. The melody caress my spine, from my head down the back, and poetry fondle with my mind causing it to change its shape as kaleidoscope. I feed my soul through my body. For what more I could beg.

I'm not the one that plays and I'm not the one to play with as well.
I'm free and my solitude is the greatest partner to stroll into the night with.