wtorek, 18 marca 2014

Scent's like a narcotic to me. I inhale it with the full capacity of my lungs and feel my pupils enlarge. My salivary glands produce secretion and I feel the extasy taking over the wholeness of my body and mind as my heart goes faster. My senses get confused, I see and hear through the smell. I close my lids.

With this smell, take me away. Let me strangle with the sweet spiciness as I am kissing your neck, bathe me in its drops so I can lose control. Lead me slowly through the scent and music up where they mingle and I shall drown within them. I sink myself in the Oriental dusk to quench my thirst and I dose it intemperately, always for the last time. I feel my legs tremble as I immerse. Finally it ensnares me as serpants enchanted with melody just as me with the scent. I'm gettin high on iris and juniper and I don't let the air interrupt until I'm choking. It leaves me with no reason I could ever understand. It leaves me craving for more.