środa, 5 marca 2014


Stream of the consciousness of the dark mind. There is nothing you can do, nor take, to stop the overwhelming flow of thoughts, tangible as liquid. Subliminal waste flooded my ability to see clearly and now, again, I cannot tell right from wrong, what I want from what I certainly do not. It is me,  heading towards the darkest point,  unable to pretend anymore. No expression on my face, no sound coming from my mouth. State of mind that nobody's presence could ease, in fact, nobody's presence is even welcome. I do not suffer, but suspension I find worse than any kind of pain.

Those images seem to be precious tips to follow in order to find myself somewhere in the world. For this apparently I am not ready yet, as they always leave this riddle of my life even more inscrutable. I keep on striding into the thick fog of my own mystery.